NOTE: *All order(s) require payment BEFORE any work is done.
Any orders requiring deposit or placed on a payment plan shall be in writing and signed by both parties.

A.) Upon completion of all work each customer shall receive a proof for review. All customers will be given an opportunity without pressure to approve and make any changes and adjustments necessary.

B.) A full refund of monies paid minus the design/setup fee may be issued if one or more of the following occurs within 72 hours from receipt of the items by which the customer has paid:

1.) Work Quality – If the quality of the project is not satisfactory due to one or more of the following factors: print quality, delayed receipt or late received product, or at the hands of one of the carriers responsible for delivering the product (i.e. USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL)
*customer may receive refund of shipping only in some circumstances.

2.) Vendor Issue – Specialty items: If vendor availability effects fulfilment of any order and all resources to fulfill any is unable to exhausted.

3.) Dishonest/Bad Practice – If for reasons beyond our control we are unable to deliver what we promise our customer or do not deliver what we promise without reason, a refund will be issued if the customer desires to terminate dealings with our company.

b. A partial refund may be issued at our discretion IF we delivered the product and one or more of the following occurs. Examples may include and may not be limited to:

1.) The customer has a change of mind or heart about a paper selection and wants to order the opposite. (i.e. gloss finish vs. matte, plain font vs cursive font, 4 x6 vs 5 x7 size, etc.)

2.) The customer received the final product with an error in which D.T. Print nor did the customer notice upon approval of the sent proof.

3.) A vendor makes an error upon fulfillment of the order, but the customer has agreed to
allow D.T. Print and Design and that vendor right the wrong.

4.) D.T. Print and Design Studio in writing agrees to a partial refund for a specified reason.

c. SPECIAL ORDERS will only be refunded IF the order is incorrect by vendor error and the vendor is unable to make the corrections in time or the customer does not agree to rectification of the matter.

d. Should a customer receive the order and wants a refund because they just “changed my mind” or has buyer remorse, then a refund WILL NOT be issued.

e. EXCHANGE POLICY only applies when outlined by D.T. Print and Design Studio in writing as various items may be outsourced and undergo production again.

*ALL REFUNDS will be processed by certified funds (i.e. MONEY ORDER or CASHIERS CHECK) within no greater than 15 business days. (Weekends Excluded) via USPS.

b.) Delivery Method and Timing [This statement should be in the store and at checkout]
For delivery of all orders, D.T. Print and Design Studio ships using the United States Postal Service, FedEx, and/or UPS.

At the time of order, every customer will decide on what carrier it is that they want to use for delivery. At consultation D.T. Print and Design Studio may suggest a different carrier for various reasons over the other and those reasons for consideration, in the end, will be left up to the customer. If the customer declines to upgrade the service used, a waiver MUST be signed and a refund WILL NOT be issued.

*NOTE: Large items CAN NOT be shipped to a P.O. BOX, so please at the time of order provide a physical address for shipping. Thanks!

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